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9kg 20Lb 200 Wicks Candle Sand Wax | BULK - Wholesale | Granulated Wax | Candle Wax Pearls | Wedding Candle | FREE 200 WICKS

9kg 20Lb 200 Wicks Candle Sand Wax | BULK - Wholesale | Granulated Wax | Candle Wax Pearls | Wedding Candle | FREE 200 WICKS

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With the latest candle trend, upgrade your weddings and unique family gatherings. Impress visitors with your opulent candles, differentiate yourself from the competition, and produce an outstanding experience. There are countless ways to be creative!
In a matter of minutes, make your own distinctive candle.
If you enjoy decorating your home, you are aware of the numerous alternatives available to you for giving it a touch of sophistication and elegance. But have you ever thought about using a natural, eco-friendly substance like sand wax to make a cozy and welcoming atmosphere? Granulated wax, we guarantee, is ideal for setting the mood for a romantic supper, a soothing bath, or a nice night in with friends.

It floats on water. So, get creative!!!

You'll enjoy a long-lasting, clean burn because pearled wax burns longer and cleaner than conventional wax.
Natural and clean-burning wax enables you to make candles out of used containers and refill them to cut down on waste.
Accidental bumps will cause the wax grains to crumble and put out the fire because the flame is contained inside the jar. Unfazed, enjoy your candle.

Since natural wax has no smell, you may always use your own candle fragrance.
The ability to make and light numerous candles simultaneously without being concerned about any unwelcome aromas is another benefit of using the unscented sand wax.
We employ sustainable sand wax materials made from palm fruit since we have a strong commitment to protecting the environment.
Plant-based wax is made entirely of vegetables. Toxins and genetically engineered materials are absent. It is VEGAN


Natural wax is exclusively made from plants. Toxins and genetically engineered materials are absent.
Burning doesn't release any dangerous toxins.
Since natural wax has no smell, you are free to use your preferred fragrance.
Candle wax in granules does not drip.
Despite being secure, eco-friendly, and natural, natural wax is one of the most affordable waxes.

To fill a vase with dimensions of 3.5inch (D) and 6inch (H), it roughly requires 400 grams.


Put the wax granules in a container that won't catch fire.
Put the wick inside the wax granules. Max 1 cm (3/8 inch) of wax should be exposed before lighting.
A wick typically burns for 16 hours. Extinguish the candle when it has burned and then wait for the wax to solidify.
With the hardened wax, remove the wick.
Add the fresh wick.
Light a fresh candle and enjoy it.

Each wick is roughly 6 inches. Cut according to your usage.
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Im an event designer and this has been my best investment will purchase more


Love this product! Came fast and looked great.


Very nice product, loved it


great company will buy again

Karla Reyna

Very happy with my order it came on time and the quality is great!